Clients Who Know What They Want

The door to the diner the London escort Adelie had chosen for the first meeting opened, and bright light flooded in as a tall man entered. He couldn’t be any older than twenty-four or twenty-five, and he dressed in that business-casual way that made one wonder which side he took more seriously. It was too bad he was an escort, and not a client. Adelie wouldn’t have minded a night with this one in the least.

Adelie lifted her hand to get the man’s attention, and he made his way over to sit across from her. With a smile, she introduced herself, and he returned the favor. Alan. “You’ll have to choose something a little less stuffy than Alan before you get started with any clients,” Adelie stated. “But that won’t be too hard. I’ll help you.” She smiled again. “On the phone, you said you wanted to talk to me about experiences with my clients?”

Alan nodded. “I just want an idea of what I should be expecting,” he said. “Am I getting hired by men and women, or…?”

“That’s up to you,” Adelie responded. “If you want to just be hired by women, you’re perfectly able. I’ll tell you about one of my experiences with a woman, so you’ll have a bit of a better idea of what to expect from the opposite gender.” She paused, taking a moment to think on which experience to share. “There was a woman that works with law enforcement that hired me last month,” she continued. “Gorgeous, very respectful and respectable. You’ll find that most of them are high in status and just don’t have time for trivial dating or sleeping around with people that will gossip about it later. She took me to a party her friend was throwing, and we ended up having sex in one of the bathrooms.” She smirked at the look of surprise on Alan’s face. “I’m dead serious,” she said, answering the unspoken question.

“She was very insistent,” Adelie said. “Always had me pinned to the door of the bathroom, or the door of a stall. A lot of clients love being as giving to you as you are to them; this one must have finished me off about three or four times before she even let me touch her. She was soft…I was much gentler with her than she was with me, and she could barely stand it, but it made so much difference in the end.”

“So, what you’re saying is to be giving,” Alan said. “And pay attention to the way the client handles you, so when it’s time to handle them, you just…know…?”

“It’ll be much different for you,” Adelie said. “You’re a man and you intend on being with women. You’re not taking turns unless that’s what she wants. My client took me to a hotel room that night, and we finished together two more times.” Alan blinked, and Adelie smiled. “I have plenty of stories for you if you want to hear more, darling…”